Ep. 11: Healthcare Decentralization – Dr. James Todaro (CEO MedCredits)

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Ep. 11: Healthcare Decentralization – Dr. James Todaro (CEO MedCredits)

September 3, 2018

Ep. 11: Healthcare Decentralization – Dr. James Todaro (CEO MedCredits)

In this episode, I speak with Dr. James Todaro – co-founder and CEO of MedCredits about Decentralization and his experience in the healthcare and blockchain community.

Show Notes:
• Medcredits Origins
• Advantages and disadvantages of decentralization in healthcare
• Hippocrates app – Tele-dermatology as the first available service in beta
• Token Curated Registry(TCR) used to create a decentralized global physician registry
• Investor speculation and competitive token sale environment
• Permissioned blockchains
• How has your medical school training helped you in your endeavor with MedCredits?
• Artificial Intelligence
• Shortage of healthcare providers
• Can you share some of the competitive pressures you are feeling in this space right now? What other blockchain companies are trying to do what you are doing?
• Technology adoption takes time especially in healthcare

MedCredits beta application:
Learn about TCR:

New Corner:

Mount Sinai Health System is looking to take a lead role in finding ways that healthcare can use emerging blockchain solutions.
The New York-based integrated delivery system has launched the Center for Biomedical Blockchain Research to solve healthcare challenges using technology that underlies the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and provides a data structure that can be timed-stamped and signed using a private key.

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