Preserving the Human Connection in an AI Era

The Smart Care Team Spotlight

Preserving the Human Connection in an AI Era

January 10, 2024

Preserving the Human Connection in an AI Era

Investing in professional development prepares nurses for the digital revolution.

In this episode, Dr. David Marshall, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Executive at Cedars-Sinai, discusses the transformative impact of technology on healthcare, emphasizing the need for smart solutions that enhance the human touch in caregiving. He explores the integration of robotics and ambient listening technology, demonstrating how these innovations streamline tasks and contribute to a positive patient experience. David also delves into Cedars-Sinai’s unique approach to addressing workforce challenges post-COVID-19, focusing on nurse residency programs, professional governance, and strategic investments. 

Tune in and learn about Cedars-Sinai’s forward-thinking strategies, blending technology with compassionate care to create a smarter healthcare ecosystem!

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