What is a Medisumer?

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What is a Medisumer?

March 8, 2022

What is a Medisumer?

In this episode, I have the privilege to host the extraordinary Michael Dillhyon, entrepreneur, health tech strategy nerd, and CEO of SpectroFlow, a patient-friendly med device to preclinically detect & help lessen the effects of lymphedema. Michael’s health care dream is for patients to become better consumers and drive improved outcomes.

Michael shares his inspiration for working in the healthcare space and how his company is leveraging existing technology to help patients detect lymphedema. He also talks about the retail side of healthcare, the manufacturing side where we can optimize R&D and dramatically reduce the cost of R&D through optimizing the operations piece, ways to revolutionize the health system, prioritizing patient needs, and many more! Michael has a lot of great insights innovators and health care leaders need to hear, so tune in!

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