This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 12th – 16th 2022

Outcomes Rocket

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 12th – 16th 2022

September 16, 2022

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / September 12th – 16th 2022

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Welcome to the weekly summary of what happened this week in the Outcomes Rocket Network! We got incredible episodes, and here’s what we got:

On our main channel, the Outcomes Rocket Podcast, Saul had Jason Hannon, executive director, and CEO at Mainstay Medical, talk about ReActiv8, a new groundbreaking therapy approach to help patients with back pain. Listen to it here:

For Marketing Mondays, Andreea Borcea interviewed Brian Maurer, co-founder of Bristle Health. They talked about how Bristle makes oral microbiome tests to facilitate taking care of your own oral health, highlighting its importance, and why it’s been a marketing challenge for them. Tune in to that episode here:

The SONSIEL Podcast, welcomed Andrea Jaramillo, a hospice nurse, forest therapy guide, and nurse farmer. In this episode, they discussed finding what nursing means to you and designing a career that is sustainable for yourself and that makes you happy. Listen here:

The Sempre Health Podcast, hosted by Kyle Wildnauer-Haigney, had Bharti Rai, Vice President of Commercial Excellence, Insights, and Analytics at Novartis. They talked about how pharma as an industry has got to look at healthcare as a whole as opposed to medication only. Tune in to listen here:

On the Future of Global Informatics, host TJ Southern, interviewed Madeline Stadler, a nurse at Duke University Hospital. Madeline reflected on her education and highlights the importance of knowledge application and practice in the field. Listen to it here:

LabOps Leadership Podcast, hosted by Samantha Black, invited Mandar Shah, Vice President of Research and Development at Odin Pharma. He talked about the development process that occurs in the formulation and the analytical labs. Tune in here:

We had another episode on our main channel, the Outcomes Rocket Podcast, Saul had Tony Benedict, CEO at Omicron Partners. He talked about how the fundamental business model for delivering patient care has not changed in about half a century and why the healthcare industry is about 20 years behind other industries from both a technology and operations perspective. Listen here:

Tune in every week to discover something new about this industry! See you next week!

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