This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / October 17th – 21st

Outcomes Rocket

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / October 17th – 21st

October 21, 2022

This Week on the Outcomes Rocket Network / October 17th – 21st

Welcome to the weekly summary of what happened this week in the Outcomes Rocket Network! We got incredible episodes, and here’s what we got:

  • We started this week on our Main show where I interviewed Jennifer Goldsack and Ryan Vega, where we discussed the current state of digital innovation in our field in this episode of the Outcomes Rocket Podcast! Listen to it here:
  • On Marketing Mondays, Jennifer Forster, VP of Payer and Market Strategy at SimpliFed, talks about marketing the services this tele-lactation company provides for baby-feeding support to parents, payers, and providers. Be sure to tune in here:
  • On the Sempre Health Podcast,  Eric Buffkin, CEO, and President of etectRx, talked about the journey of pursuing a startup in health tech and discussed how ingestible sensors for tracking medication adherence are used in clinical research or care. Listen to this episode here:
  • On the Future of Global Informatics, Tatyana Kanzaveli, Founder and CEO of Open Health Network, talks about her work to build a data-driven care framework to tailor personalized preventative care for patients, as well as funding issues she has faced along the way. Tune in here:
  • In the Insights Out Podcast, Richard Schwartz, Life Sciences, Medical Device, and Digital Health Practice Lead at Medallia, about the value of insights into customers’ needs, sentiments, and emotions for better financial profit, employee experience, and research outcomes. Tune in here:
  • On the Outcomes Rocket Podcast, Saul talked with Errol Weiss, Chief Security Officer at Health-ISAC, about today’s cyber threats and what measures we should take to prevent them. He also shares jaw-dropping examples of these attacks and a great recommendation to protect our accounts: multi-factor authentication processes. Tune in here:
  • The Everyone Hates Healthcare Podcast had an episode with Allyn Rose, who made the controversial decision to undergo a double mastectomy and later created a non-profit platform with information and resources on the matter.

Tune in every week to expand your horizons on various subjects in this industry! See you next week!

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