Post Thanksgiving Check-in with Saul

Outcomes Rocket

Post Thanksgiving Check-in with Saul

December 5, 2020

Post Thanksgiving Check-in with Saul

Hi everyone!  In this episode, I invite you to check out our new search feature on the website.  We upgraded the search feature to help you search for insights on our website.  With over 600 podcasts published, you’re bound to find some amazing info, ideas, and inspiration to help your business, practice, or team.  Check it out at it’s at the top right side of the site.  

Help us Build The Next Phase of Your Outcomes Rocket Experience

Also, I want to build out the next phase of Outcomes Rocket to help you maximize your experience with the podcast.  I think the next step is building out a community to help you connect and collaborate, but maybe it’s something different.  Help us learn what we can do to best serve you.  To do so, I set up a survey. Fill out the 2 minute survey at or drop me a line at [email protected]

Thank You

Keep up the amazing work and thanks for tuning in to the podcast!  From all of us at the Outcomes Rocket, we thank you for your continued listenership and we look forward to hearing from you.



Code Awesome – my web developers who upgraded my search

Our new search feature to search 600+ interviews 

Survey to help us take your Outcomes Rocket experience to the next level:

Reach out directly with feedback:  [email protected]

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