Innovative to Improve Pediatric Health Globally

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Innovative to Improve Pediatric Health Globally

June 8, 2021

Innovative to Improve Pediatric Health Globally

In this episode, we are privileged to host the outstanding Dr. Bariah Dardari, a leading health expert in child health who established the first pediatric integrative medicine clinic in the UAE and Head of Department Child Health at Fakeeh University. Dr. Dardari talks about her inspiration as a pediatrician, how she is adding value to healthcare through the delivery of an integrative model, addressing the needs of the underserved population such as refugees, and more. She also talks of her work at Reach, bridging the big gap in UAE and Dubai in terms of care for special services, and the role of parents in promoting the needs of kids with special needs. If you are interested in the issue of child health worldwide, this episode is one you shouldn’t miss!

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