RNegade: How nurses can leverage occupational therapy for better patient outcomes

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RNegade: How nurses can leverage occupational therapy for better patient outcomes

September 27, 2022

RNegade: How nurses can leverage occupational therapy for better patient outcomes


Occupational Therapy is such an enigma that it is woefully underutilized, or engaged as an postscript to discharge rather than a necessary component of inpatient treatment. This podcast course serves to turn the enigma of the OT role into an essential solution for nurses to engage in the patient’s team, early-on, to prevent intercept debilitation secondary to hospital stays, and to enhance and accelerate rehabilitation post discharge.

An inspiring complement to the education provided about the OT role is the instructor’s story of how she made a business and career from her unique solutions to the challenges of integrating Occupational Therapy within the current healthcare system.


Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize ‘the gap’ in the healthcare communication system
  2. Explain how understanding and proactively utilizing all role’s in the patient’s team (aka team building/leading) can prevent further debilitation to the patient
  3. List the steps to become a healthcare entrepreneur
  4. Discuss the concept and process of motivational interviewing


I.  Introductions/Get to know Nicole Nohner

     A. Expertise, experience

     B. Seeing a problem, becoming a solution

II.  “The Gap” in the patient healthcare continuum

     A. Addressing risk of debilitation early to prevent poor outcomes/readmission

     B. Opportunities for evaluation: admission, in-patient, discharge, follow-up

III.  Cutting her teeth Where Nicole learned to love OT, and developed her unique perspective

     A. Forensics, Psych, Home Health and Skilled Nursing facilities

     B. Exercise as medicine

IV.  Preventing debilitation from admission through post-discharge

     A. Taking an individualized approach to planning treatment

     B. Anticipating challenges

V.  How nurses can proactively utilize the OT role to improve patient outcomes & prevent readmission

VI. Bridging “The Gap:” Starting a business to become the solution

     A. Establishing a mobile outpatient OT practice

     B. Learning curves: social media marketing, insurance

     C. Recognizing opportunities for growth

VII.  Wins: examples of patients who didn’t fall through ‘The Gap’ because Nicole was there

VIII. Using an individualized approach

     A. Proactive observation of the life and environment

     B. Motivational Interviewing

     C. Understanding and honoring a patient’s personal definition of success

IX.  Finding your ‘Niche’ as an entreprenure

X.  Contact Nicole Nohner


Nicole Nohner is an Occupational Therapist, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, Certified Fall Prevention Specialist and Entrepreneur. She earned a BS in Exercise Science from Gonzaga University and a Masters in Occupational Therapy from Eastern Washington University. As a student she traveled with athletes on the Junior Paralympics Team and lead a weekly recreational group for adults with developmental disabilities. Hand N Hand Home Rehab, her mobile Occupational Therapy Practice, is where her passion for communication, teamwork, functional exercise & meaningful activities results in her patients’ ability to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

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