Making telehealth usable for everyone — with Amy Sheon


Making telehealth usable for everyone — with Amy Sheon

July 28, 2021

Making telehealth usable for everyone — with Amy Sheon

Despite the widespread adoption telehealth saw during the COVID-19 pandemic, many telehealth deployments still fall short of real user-friendliness, providing less-than-ideal patient experiences, especially for certain populations that might have less access to reliable internet or less experience with telecommunications.

On this episode, guest host and Healthcare IT News Senior Editor Kat Jercich welcomes Amy Sheon, research director at the Telehealth Equity Coalition, to discuss this  important topic.

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Talking points:

  • For whom is telehealth not working?
  • Why it took health systems some time to tumble to their equity challenges
  • Testing devices on the right groups
  • Community health workers might be the key to reaching difficult populations
  • The Telehealth Equity Coalition
  • Other resources available for people making telehealth offerings more equitable
  • Equity issues around internet access and digital redlining
  • What can telehealth vendors do?
  • Policy solutions for health equity
  • Telehealth accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Asynchronous communication as an accommodation

More about this episode:

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