From big pharma to the startup world — with Eugene Borukhovich


From big pharma to the startup world — with Eugene Borukhovich

June 9, 2021

From big pharma to the startup world — with Eugene Borukhovich

Eugene Borukhovich, COO of YourCoach, former global head of digital health at Bayer, and co-host of the podcast “A Shot of Digital Health Therapy”, joins HIMSSCast for a wide-ranging discussion about his career and his unique perspective on digital health and health innovation. Be sure to check out host Jonah Comstock’s appearance on Eugene’s podcast as well.

Talking points:

  • YourCoach: Applying digital health ideas to health coaching
  • How the business of YourCoach came together
  • Missing pieces in the healthcare picture
  • Eugene’s experience in pharma and how it set him up for the entrepreneur world
  • Doing things better versus doing better things
  • Lessons learned from the health accelerator space
  • Eugene’s book-in-progress “Hard Pill to Swallow”
  • The health tech podcast experience
  • Eugene’s thoughts on the current funding boom
  • Thoughts about the term “patient engagement”

More about this episode:

YourCoach looks to employer space with new version of wellness platform

With many regulatory barriers clear, remaining roadblocks for digital therapeutics are cultural, logistical

Bayer plans launch of US accelerator focused on self care markets

Digital health completes a record-breaking first quarter driven by mega deals

Hard Pill to Swallow on Substack

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