Cybersecurity implications of COVID-19


Cybersecurity implications of COVID-19

May 1, 2020

Cybersecurity implications of COVID-19

As healthcare systems around the world battle COVID-19, they haven’t stopped fighting another battle: the constant struggle against hackers and other security threats. On this episode of HIMSSCast, host Jonah Comstock talks to Healthcare IT News Executive Editor Mike Miliard about cybersecurity in the age of COVID-19. They also catch up on the ONC info-blocking rules that dropped in March, and how the pandemic has illustrated the importance of those regulatory changes.

Articles referenced in this episode:

As COVID-19 cases increase, so do privacy concerns about EHR snooping

Cyberattack on Czech hospital forces tech shutdown during coronavirus outbreak

WHO, coronavirus testing lab hit by hackers as opportunistic attacks ramp up

Cyberattacks continue to mount during COVID-19 pandemic

Cyber-attacks on healthcare facilities ‘growing threat’ during coronavirus pandemic

Temporary hospitals are rife with cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Penn Medicine CISO offers tips for COVID-19 cybersecurity response

AMA, AHA partner on COVID-19 cyber threats guidance for hospitals, physicians

Google says it blocks 18 million COVID-19 related scam emails each day

And HIMSS’s latest cybersecurity report.

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