COVID-19 and Mental and Behavioral Health


COVID-19 and Mental and Behavioral Health

May 14, 2020
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COVID-19 and Mental and Behavioral Health

Telehealth of all stripes has exploded since COVID-19, but one particular subset deserves further examination: telebehavioral health, an area in which the crisis has upended the norms of supply as well as demand as the crisis take’s a toll on the world’s collective mental health.

In this episode, host Jonah Comstock, Managing Editors Laura Lovett and Susan Morse and Associate Editor Dave Muoio discuss some recent trends and developments in this space.

Articles mentioned in this episode:

Heal kicks off telepsychology service for California residents

Optum reportedly finalizing $470M purchase of virtual behavioral care company AbleTo

Pear rolls out digital therapeutic for schizophrenia, after FDA loosens regulations in COVID-19 response

FDA: Devs can release digital products for psychiatric disorders without 510(k) submission during COVID-19 crisis

Akili’s digital therapeutic launches early for housebound children with ADHD

Wellable acquires MeYou Health’s Daily Challenge product, Omada’s mental health program free for six months and more digital health news briefs


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