Sohui Kim – Restaurants; Where Community Comes Together (Re-release)

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Sohui Kim – Restaurants; Where Community Comes Together (Re-release)

June 24, 2020

Sohui Kim – Restaurants; Where Community Comes Together (Re-release)

**This re-release from 2018 is meant as a Call to Action to motivate everyone to support your local businesses, especially the Mom and Pop places you know and love in your community.  They are all struggling and we are likely a year away from them operating with full staff and patronage.  If you have the financial means, or time to help fund-raise, there is no more important time.  Our communities will look and feel vastly different without them.**

In this episode, Jeremy has a conversation with Chef and Restauranteur, Sohui Kim.  Sohui shares her story of emigrating to the US from Korea at 10, her family food traditions, and how she got started in restaurants.  They also talk about what she learned about the role of restaurants in communities.  After her first restaurant, The Good Fork, was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, the community stepped in and raised funds to help them rebuild the restaurant.  Sadly, this weekend, due to the strain of Covid and the Good Forks remote location, this will be their last week of take out, and last service of brunch will be served on Sunday.  See details at

Their 2 new restaurants will remain open – please support:

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