Who not how – achieving your 2024 goals!

High Performance Nursing

Who not how – achieving your 2024 goals!

January 22, 2024

Who not how – achieving your 2024 goals!

In this episode, I explore the concept of “who not how” and how it can help nurses achieve their goals. Instead of focusing on how to achieve a goal, it is more effective to find the right person or resource to help you reach that goal. I’m sharing my examples and stories to illustrate the power of finding the right “who” and leveraging their expertise.

This concept is inspired by the book “Who Not How?” by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. The book’s central idea is finding the right individuals to help you reach your goals. Once you find the right “who” – a mentor, coach, or colleague – they can guide you, provide accountability, and help you uncover the “how”.

Focusing less on the “how” and more on the “who” can be a game-changer in achieving goals, especially for nurses. It helps us leverage collective expertise, regulate our mindset, and accelerate our progress. So, as you set your sights on your goals for 2024, consider looking for your “who” to help uncover the “how”.

Key takeaways:

03:30 The Book “Who Not How” by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan

04:38 Using the “Who Not How” Mindset in a Leadership Role

08:26 Impact of Disconnection in the Nursing Community

10:49 Achieving Goals through Neuroplasticity and Accountability

12:07 The Importance of Finding the Right Support in Nursing

14:46 Leveraging Collective Expertise to Achieve Nursing Goals

22:47 Holding Yourself Accountable and Having a Future-Focused Vision in Nursing

24:22 Success Story of Helping a Nurse Transition to a Work-From-Home Position

26:00 Leveraging Someone’s Expertise to Save Time and Achieve Goals

28:56 Personal Example of Leveraging Someone’s Expertise to Save Time

29:57 Importance of Finding the Right “Who” in Nursing Careers and Leadership

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