Stop Judging Your Burnout

High Performance Nursing

Stop Judging Your Burnout

July 25, 2022

Stop Judging Your Burnout

We all know that feeling. That sense of being overwhelmed and completely drained. Burnout Is a common occurrence in high-stress clinical careers, but it’s important not to judge yourself harshly for experiencing it. 

In this week’s episode of High Performance Nursing, I am sharing with you reasons why you should not be judging your burnout, after all it’s literally inevitable in the industry. What if we stopped trying to judge and avoid it and we prepared for it? What if we could prep ahead of time and when we did experience it, accept that it’s part of this line of work. I will also provide some tips for managing your burnout so that you can get back on track and continue to be the amazing nurse that you are!

In my opinion, Experiencing burnout is inevitable based on how we are trained, how the industry is set up and how we currently operate. All of those things are external to us, so how can we take back control during burnout – we can start by being gentle and compassionate with ourselves. Burnout for me was one of the most pivotal moments in my nursing life, if took from me, whilst also giving so much to me. 

What if you decided today was the day you stopped judging your burnout? How would your life be different? What goodness has burnout given you?

This episode dives into all of that and more! 

PS: If you are experiencing burnout I want you to know that you got this! Be kind and gentle with yourself! 


  • Why you should not judge your burnout (04:44)
  • What has burnout given you? (06:44)
  • Handling burnout correctly (11:51)


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