Resus your CV with Liam Caswell

High Performance Nursing

Resus your CV with Liam Caswell

June 24, 2021

Resus your CV with Liam Caswell

In this week’s episode of HPN Liam takes you through the simple, practical steps to make your CV a stand out at your next job application, he shares his views on your CV being your entry way into a new role + just how critical it is as part of the application. 

Although it may sound boring, thoroughly evaluating the format, layout, font and length of your CV is paramount when aligning yourself with the right role for you. 

He also chats about the preparation you can do to make sure the job role you are applying for is not a mismatch therefore preventing time wasting on a workplace that doesn’t tick all your boxes in terms of culture, values and vision.

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