Palliative Care Nursing With Rachel Bilton-Simek

High Performance Nursing

Palliative Care Nursing With Rachel Bilton-Simek

October 16, 2023

Palliative Care Nursing With Rachel Bilton-Simek

Today, we’re honored to feature Rachel Bilton, whose unique nursing approach has earned praise from the Canberra community.

Rachel’s passion for palliative care shines as she emphasizes the importance of creating a safe and caring environment during end-of-life journeys. Learn how her nursing skills, beyond clinical expertise, play a crucial role in alleviating suffering through small, thoughtful gestures.

Rachel also shared her insights into potential career shifts, her dedication to nursing’s unique opportunities, and her strategies for addressing patient fears during end of life.

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Key takeaways:

04:53 – Exploring Unplanned Endings and Surprising Bonds in Oncology for Improved Patient Care

13:16 – Single Mother Prioritizes Childcare Over Employment

19:34 – Specific list led to unexpected autonomy.

23:51 – Positive feedback, unique services, unlikely clients.

27:07 – Graduate qualifications in Australia are expensive.

31:54 – Amazing presenter in palliative care.

38:07 – Nursing builds clinical and mental capacity.

39:28 – Building, hyperstimulation, frazzled, sloppy, unique role in palliative care.

44:26 – Nursing: relieving suffering and bringing happiness.

49:58 – Basic things matter.

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