Nurses are Coaches With Vicky Boateng (Executive Nurse Coach and ICU Trauma RN)

High Performance Nursing

Nurses are Coaches With Vicky Boateng (Executive Nurse Coach and ICU Trauma RN)

August 21, 2023

Nurses are Coaches With Vicky Boateng (Executive Nurse Coach and ICU Trauma RN)

Welcome to another insightful episode! In today’s discussion, we had the privilege of sitting down with Vicky Boateng, a dedicated critical care ICU Registered Nurse who wears multiple hats – not only as a healthcare professional but also as a certified executive coach. 

In the high-stakes world of nursing, where physical and mental challenges abound, we’ve shed light on the paramount significance of establishing mental health practices. We’ve also discussed how nurses are akin to coaches in their own right. We drew parallels between the skills nurses utilize in their patient care roles and those employed by coaches in guiding individuals to reach their potential. This episode is not to be missed!


00:01:35 – Vicky’s Journey from Being a Nurse to Being An Executive Coach 

00:04:02 – The Importance of Setting Your Mental Health Practices 

11:30 – Every Nurse is a Coach 

19:09 – The Effects of Having Good Mental Health Practices

29:50 – You Can Create Your Own Safe Space 

31:52 – Everybody Needs Help 

33:08 – How Having A Coach Can Help Support You

39:44 – How Self-Awareness Can Help You Enjoy Your Work Again 


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