Normalising Transition Shock

High Performance Nursing

Normalising Transition Shock

December 18, 2023

Normalising Transition Shock

In this episode, I explore ‘transition shock’ and strategies to conquer it, addressing the challenges of transitioning to new roles or careers. Facing the fear of starting over can hinder progress. To thrive amidst these changes, I emphasized the importance of embracing change and nurturing resilience.

Transition shock encompasses a spectrum of emotions experienced during significant life or career shifts—excitement, confidence, self-doubt, and anxiety. Normalizing this experience is crucial. Feeling underconfident during new challenges is a typical phase, not a reflection of personal shortcomings. Transitioning requires patience, practice, and time.

Navigating transition shock involves a mindset shift. It’s about embracing the emotional whirlwind, reframing negative thoughts, and building confidence and competence. Remember, transition shock is a natural part of the process. Embracing change with resilience and trust in my abilities is key to fostering a fulfilling nursing career filled with growth.

Key takeaways:

00:54 Understanding Transition Shock in Nursing

01:04 The Fear of Being a Beginner Again

01:39 The Journey of Our Graduates

02:37 Navigating Nervousness and Self-Doubt

06:38 Reframing Thoughts for a Positive Transition

10:55 The Dunning Kruger Effect and Transition Shock

15:22 Building Resilience and Navigating Change

16:45 Conclusion: Normalizing Transition and Embracing the Journey

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