Losing Clinical Skills

High Performance Nursing

Losing Clinical Skills

November 27, 2023

Losing Clinical Skills

In our careers, we often feel hesitant to explore new paths, fearing a loss of hard-earned skills. However, skill evolution is a natural part of our journey. In this episode, I talked about how our brains adapt and learn and how we can confidently navigate career changes while building upon existing expertise.

The common fear many have about losing their clinical skills when expanding their career in nursing or switching to a different industry. Noting the incredible adaptability of the human brain, I emphasized the power of neuroplasticity and the capacity to learn and apply new skills while retaining previously acquired expertise. Personal anecdotes are shared to affirm reassurance in career transitions, rejecting the notion of skill loss in favor of the concept of skill evolution.

Skill evolution is integral to our career journey. Embrace the idea that skills continually evolve. Adopt an “I’ll figure it out” mindset, shift perspectives, and confidently unlock your full potential amid career changes.

Key takeaways:

00:56 The Fear of Losing Clinical Skills

03:20 Understanding Neuroplasticity

04:43 Personal Experiences with Neuroplasticity

10:01 The Power of ‘I’ll Figure It Out’ Mindset

15:12 Building Confidence in Our Nervous System

18:48 The Importance of Self Confidence

21:21 Real Life Example of Fight or Flight Response

24:48 Conclusion: Skill Evolution, Not Loss

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