Job Rejection or Redirection?

High Performance Nursing

Job Rejection or Redirection?

March 11, 2024

Job Rejection or Redirection?

Rejection is one of the inevitable parts of our human experience, both in our personal lives and careers. What can and should we do to grow and thrive in the face of rejection?

In this episode, we’re going to chat about something we all face from time to time – job rejection. It’s so important to remember that rejection is just a regular part of our lives, both on a personal and professional level. Now, it’s really key that we don’t point fingers – at ourselves or the system. I’ve got some handy tips to share on how to handle job rejection, like keeping an eye on your self-talk, working on any skills you need to improve, and more!

Key takeaways:

01:04 Importance of preparing for rejection and understanding its inevitability

03:17 Three reasons for job rejection: not the right fit, not the best seller, pre-selection

04:29 Dealing with rejection at the resume stage and treating it as a learning opportunity

05:35 Persistence and the importance of not giving up after rejection

08:05 Importance of learning how to sell oneself and communicate skills effectively

10:19 Importance of selling and making it easy for employers to choose you

13:39 The need for self-confidence and self-marketing in interviews

17:35 Filling the gaps and seeking resources for improvement

18:37 Celebrate your achievements and gain perspective

19:35 Regulate your nervous system and avoid dysregulated decisions

21:58 Finding someone to regulate your nervous system after rejection

23:49 Reflect on your past self and acknowledge your progress

24:07 Choose positive, achievement-focused thoughts over negative ones

25:30 Rejection is often a redirection, be open to new opportunities

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