Global Nursing Networks and Impact With Belinda Abbott

High Performance Nursing

Global Nursing Networks and Impact With Belinda Abbott

May 20, 2024

Global Nursing Networks and Impact With Belinda Abbott

In this episode, Liam welcomed Belinda Abbott, a nurse lecturer at the University of Canberra and a highly accomplished nurse with extensive experience across various settings and roles. Liam highlighted Belynda’s impressive career achievements and her commitment to nursing and nurse coaching. Belynda shared her experiences of “boundary crossing,” transitioning between different areas of nursing, and how this has prepared her to guide and mentor others. She also discussed her recent move to academia and the challenges and rewards of this new chapter in her career. Overall, the episode emphasized the importance of embracing change and pursuing one’s passions, even in the face of imposter syndrome and career uncertainties.

Chapter 1: Introduction & Welcome

Timestamp: 00:00:02.840 – 00:00:33.780

Chapter 2: Belinda’s Background and Career

Timestamp: 00:00:34.170 – 00:02:13.149

Chapter 3: Addressing Imposter Syndrome

Timestamp: 00:02:13.280 – 00:04:02.550

Chapter 4: Transitioning Careers and Mentorship

Timestamp: 00:04:02.963 – 00:06:22.620

Chapter 5: The Value of Networking

Timestamp: 00:06:23.220 – 00:10:11.080

Chapter 6: Overcoming Career Challenges

Timestamp: 00:10:11.411 – 00:15:22.480

Chapter 7: Coaching and Mentoring in Nursing

Timestamp: 00:15:26.210 – 00:18:01.179

Chapter 8: Closing Remarks and Future Directions

Timestamp: 00:18:01.180 – 00:59:48.859

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