Advancing your Nursing Career

High Performance Nursing

Advancing your Nursing Career

July 24, 2023

Advancing your Nursing Career

On this episode of High Performance Nursing, host Liam Caswell dives into the topic of transitioning and advancing your nursing career specifically from RN/RM on the floor to RN Level 2, Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Liam dives into the four key aspects of a senior nursing portfolio and how you can start today so when your job is posted you are ready!


00:00:39 Promotion from RN to CN team leader, with advice for career progression.

00:04:52 I transitioned from acute medicine to primary heath and then to nurse unit manager without following a traditional career path.

00:07:00 Consider where you can educate others and build an education portfolio. This can be done through informal or formal training sessions.

00:10:27 Be the person who drives change in your career, especially in the CNC, NUM, Anum, Adon fields. Find a problem area in quality and safety, even if it’s small.

00:12:49 Save money for the hospital, advance in your career, improve care quality and safety, lead a project, gather data, create an education plan, implement new strategies, formalize through a QIP pathway.

00:16:50 They want growth, clinical expertise, and going beyond the basics. Put in effort, improve quality and safety, stand out in applications. Seek leadership and management opportunities.

00:20:42 Networking led to being considered for nursery manager. Proved capability to nurse unit manager and ADON. Internal hiring is preferable in nursing.

00:24:36 Be honest and proactive in job opportunities to build your career.

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