Ep. 96: Why Invest in Web3? – Jorden Woods & Radhika Iyengar (Co-founders of StarChain Ventures)

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Ep. 96: Why Invest in Web3? – Jorden Woods & Radhika Iyengar (Co-founders of StarChain Ventures)

Innovation and Venture Capital
June 13, 2022

Ep. 96: Why Invest in Web3? – Jorden Woods & Radhika Iyengar (Co-founders of StarChain Ventures)

Jorden Woods and Radhika Iyengar-Emens are enterprise blockchain experts enabling executives and entrepreneurs to benefit from integrating blockchain technologies into their business. They share their experience pioneering enterprise blockchain and why businesses will be the ones to fuel early adoption of these technologies. Ray, Jorden, and Radhika also discuss NFTs and the metaverse being such a big adoption driver for Web3 technologies.

Topics Covered

  • How Jorden and Radhika’s experience in business and tech led them to writing a book about the emergence of enterprise blockchain.
  • What surprised Jorden and Radhika the most about the adoption of blockchain technologies.
  • Why the pandemic opened up a lot of opportunities for digital tools improve the accessibility and effectiveness of the healthcare experience.
  • The way NFTs can fuel adoption of other enterprise blockchain technologies in industries outside of art and collectibles.
  • How the government’s involvement in enterprise blockchain can accelerate mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies.
  • The steps needed for mainstream adoption of enterprise and consumer blockchain technologies.
  • Why it’s important to consider privacy, safety, and security for individuals participating in Web3.

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News Corner

Oracle Completes Acquisition of Cerner

There’s been a major shift in the electronic medical record space, Oracle has finalized its acquisition of a major EMR company called Cerner for a whopping $28.3B. The intent to acquire Cerner was announced by Oracle towards the end of 2021, and since the companies have completed the necessary federal Anti-trust review by the Federal Trade commission and the justice Department. There was no mention of using blockchain, NFTs, or web3 technologies in their tech stack. I wonder when or if hospitals and clinics that are using Cerner will be affected by acquisition. I’m not convinced that making hands-free voice technology the primary interface for clinicians is the best approach to improving the overall clinical experience. I hope this consolidation is a net-positive for patients and doctors, not just a way for Oracle to take a piece of the healthcare market.

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