Ep. 63: Healthcare Smart Contracts with DAML – Corey Todaro (Digital Asset)

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Ep. 63: Healthcare Smart Contracts with DAML – Corey Todaro (Digital Asset)

Corey Todaro is Senior Product manager at Digital…
May 11, 2020

Ep. 63: Healthcare Smart Contracts with DAML – Corey Todaro (Digital Asset)

Corey Todaro is Senior Product manager at Digital Asset. Corey also spent a few years at Hashed Health, one of the earliest companies trying to bring blockchain tech to healthcare. We talked about the effects of COVID19 on the healthcare system, the development of DAML, and how healthcare stakeholders feel about all these new technologies. DAML is completely open-source programming language for writing distributed applications and the well supported SDK is available on

Show Notes
•Introduction of Corey’s background in education and cultural/religious studies
•Journey into technology, business, and healthcare in your career
•COVID19 pandemic has revealed that the healthcare industry is over-optimized
•When did you first hear about blockchain?
•Experience at Hashed Health
•Designing DLT solutions in the healthcare industry
•DAML is an open source programming language for dapps
•“DAML sits at a higher level of abstraction closer to the business layer than to the persistence layer (database/blockchain layer)”
•DAML is blockchain protocol agnostic – it’s interoperable with multiple blockchains
•Why is DAML unique compared to other smart contract programming languages?
•Governance best practices that you’ve learned are prerequisites for network success
•Healthcare Consortia
•Structure of a good multi-party application deployment
•What are the biggest misconceptions of blockchain when you speak with various healthcare executives?
•FHIR and Consumer health data ecosystem
•How can various healthcare stakeholders benefit from a decentralized ecosystem? (Patients, providers, payers, pharma, and research)
•Industry Partners and customer traction – existing partners and pilot projects
•Digital Asset is backed by large banks and institutions. Is there a consideration for the crypto communities who believe blockchain and cryptocurrency will end the big banks?
•Can you describe the competitive and/or cooperative landscape?
•What do you believe in that most people would disagree with? – “Religion is an artificial construct”
•Favorite books: Map is not Territory by Jonathon Z. Smith; Where wizards stay up late by Katie Hafner; Contract theory by Patrick Bolton; Moonshine behind the Monster by Terry Gannon.
•Have you changed your mind on anything recently and what made you change it? Corey thinks Decentralized Identity actually has some potential now
•If you had to have micro chip implanted in your body, where would you want it to be implanted? Ears or Eyes
•Coping with physical distancing measures
•Wrap-up and Final Takeaways

News Corner links
On May 7th, Zoom announced its acquisition of Keybase to strengthen its security of the video communications platform. Keybase, which launched in 2014, has developed an encrypted social networking service that allows users to tie their identities to a user’s PGP key or other encryption keys.

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