Ep. 62: Open Science Distributed – Sean Manion, PhD (CSO ConsenSys Health)

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Ep. 62: Open Science Distributed – Sean Manion, PhD (CSO ConsenSys Health)

Dr. Sean Manion, Chief Scientific Officer at Cons…
April 26, 2020

Ep. 62: Open Science Distributed – Sean Manion, PhD (CSO ConsenSys Health)

Dr. Sean Manion, Chief Scientific Officer at ConsenSys Health and founder of Science Distributed. He has BS in Biochemistry and PhD in Neuroscience. He served as Deputy Chief of Staff and later as Research Activities Chief as a federal civilian for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC).
Blockchain for Medical Research Book:

Show Notes
•Journey into technology, science, and healthcare in your career
•Progression of science in society
•Co-authoring and Publishing Blockchain for Medical Research
•Problems of Publish or Perish mentality and incentives
•Vision for Science Distributed
•Scaling science infinitely
•The current state of Health Research in the world and US
•What factors contributed to your pursuit and decision to become Chief Scientific Officer at ConsenSys Health?
•Sean’s role and goals at ConsenSys Health
•COVID-19 pandemic as a tipping point for the economy and healthcare
•Virtual Hackathons and the rise in virtual work in society
•Overview of Stop COVID-19 Hackathon by ConsenSys Health where Sean is a competition judge
•The blockchain of science (proof of science)
•Effects of pandemic on the stakeholders of science (Funders, Researchers, Publishers, End Users)
•Using COVID-19 viral and antibody testing shortages as an example, why can blockchain help?
•In what adoption sequence would you expect different stakeholders in science to buy-in to the integration of blockchain in health research?
•Do you think progress in medicine has been slowing down? All of the discoveries of the the last ~50 – 60 years pale in comparison to those of the preceding 50 – 60 (antibiotics, basic hygiene, vaccinations, etc)
•Focusing on federally funded medical research specifically, how would you rate our institutions’ response to the COVID-19 crisis?
•Data Privacy concerns and opportunities for blockchain
•Favorite Scientist- American Philosopher Daniel Dennett
•Favorite book – What Do You Do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada
•What are your thoughts about the technological singularity that is supposed to happen in 2045?
•Final takeaways for the audience

Health Unchained New Corner
IBM has recently launched a network called Rapid Supplier Connect to link healthcare providers with medical equipment suppliers. “It typically takes about four to six weeks for buyers to vet and onboard new vendors or suppliers after they find each other”, said Mark Treshock, IBM’s global blockchain solutions leader for healthcare and life sciences. “The goal is to have a range of trusted global suppliers on the blockchain network that can provide health-care organizations with about 15 types of medical equipment, including masks, ventilators, dialysis machines and oxygen masks. The vendors are vetted by the Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, Project N95 and others.”

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