Ep. 6: Bridging Healthcare Silos  – Dr. Michael Kaldasch (CEO Aimedis)

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Ep. 6: Bridging Healthcare Silos – Dr. Michael Kaldasch (CEO Aimedis)

This week’s guest is Dr. Michael Kaldasch, CEO of…
June 24, 2018

Ep. 6: Bridging Healthcare Silos – Dr. Michael Kaldasch (CEO Aimedis)

This week’s guest is Dr. Michael Kaldasch, CEO of Aimedis, in Germany. I want to quickly thank my previous guest Girisha Fernando from DIGIPHARM for connecting me with Dr. Kaldasch.
Aimedis is a startup trying to build a comprehensive healthcare ecosystem that can store your health records, interact with providers using video chat, and a social media community. They are using blockchain technology to facilitate better health data access and establish trust for patients and providers. I think they have large goals to accomplish and it certainly won’t be easy but as you’ll hear in the episode, health care institutions prefer an all-in-one product for them to actually want to adopt them in their workflow. Towards the end, we also got into a bit of a philosophical conversation about fiat money, greed, and the perception of value. Although it is still early for Aimedis, it sounds like they are making good strides in the German and Asian marketplace with their 5 hospital chain partners using version 1.

Show Notes:
How did you get the idea to start with Aimedis?
Previous experience for Dr. Michael Kaldasch included TheHealthNet which was built in 2013 and had over 10,000 patients.
Aimedis Proposed Use cases: Social Media Interaction, Patient Record access, Medical Service Provider Action History, Lab and specialized procedure records, Medical service provider credentials, Telemedicine delivery support.
Aimedis has been rolled out to 5 hospital chains in Europe and Asia. There are about 25,000 patients that are in version 1 of Aimedis platform already.
Competition – Medicalchain and Mediblock
Breaking down data silos and the importance of collaboration for blockchain projects.
Aidmedis has raised $2.5 million during their pre-sale round.
ICOs and Financing the project to attract high quality talent.
Innovation in the United States vs. Europe.
Stress in the Emergency Room as a doctor.
What makes your life happy and fulfilled?
What was your biggest mistake?
Philosophical considerations regarding the value of money and basic human needs.

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