Ep. 5: Better Pharma Access and Pricing – DIGIPHARM

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Ep. 5: Better Pharma Access and Pricing – DIGIPHARM

In this episode, I spoke with the Swiss-based Dig…
June 18, 2018

Ep. 5: Better Pharma Access and Pricing – DIGIPHARM

In this episode, I spoke with the Swiss-based DigiPharm team who are trying to tackle some of healthcare’s most challenging problems, specifically in the pharmaceutical pricing and clinical trial space. Both the CEO, Ahmed Abdulla, and the COO, Girisha Fernando are co-founders of DigiPharm and have spent parts of their careers working at the 2nd largest global pharmaceutical company by revenue, Roche. Ahmed recently joined the Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business, part of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe as an blockchain expert in healthcare. Zach Daniels, DigiPharm’s CTO, also joins us from Denver, CO and he spoke about the specifics of DigiPharm’s anticipated technology. I apologize in advance for the sound quality of parts of this recording, there were periods of technical difficulty but we made it through and gets better as the conversation unfolds.

Introduction of the DigiPharm team and company.
History at Roche Pharmaceuticals.
DigiPharm was one of the Pfizer Healthcare Hub top 10 finalists.
Trying to frame the problem being solved in one sentence.
Using smart contracts to deliver outcome-based agreement.
Importance and increased use of real world evidence.
ICO landscape.
Swisscom partnership provides Digipharm with the necessary development resources.
Offering patients better access to life-saving drugs that are still in clinical trials.
Using dynamic pricing to let patients pay for the value they actually receive from a drug.
Project Timeline.

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Telegram group:

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