Ep. 33: Medical Career Management w Hashgraph – John T. Hartigan (CEO Intiva Health)

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Ep. 33: Medical Career Management w Hashgraph – John T. Hartigan (CEO Intiva Health)

John Hartigan, CEO of Intiva Health. At Intiva He…
June 10, 2019

Ep. 33: Medical Career Management w Hashgraph – John T. Hartigan (CEO Intiva Health)

John Hartigan, CEO of Intiva Health. At Intiva Health, he is leading their go-to market strategy and will be speaking to us today about his company’s use of Hashgraph protocol. He has over 25 years of experience developing successful early-stage startups and strategic partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies, including Comcast, Fiat Chrysler, Dish, and DHL.

Show Notes

•John’s journey as an early entrepreneur
•What drives you to the healthcare industry?
•Intiva Health is a free career and credentials management platform for medical professionals and administrators who have to communicate those credentials back and forth with the faciilites and other stakeholders (insurance, labs, etc.)
•What is Hedera Hashgraph and how is it different from the term blockchain or DLT?
•Why are you using Hashgraph in Intiva Health?
•Management of Digital notarization of medical credentialing packages
•Why is provider credentialing data a good use case for blockchain?
•Data sharing Comparison – Intiva (job markets and continued education marketplace) vs. ProCredEx (data marketplace model)
•What is Intiva’s business model?
•What are the incentives for facilities to verify credentials the first time on your platform?
•What are the biggest barriers to DLT adoption?
•Credentialing Joint Commission:
•Who are your company partners and major customers? American Heart and Stroke Associations are partners with Intiva
•Who are the nodes in the Intiva hashgraph DLT? How does the gossip protocol work in on your platform?
•The social network for Medical Professionals:
•Can you describe your technology stack? SalesForce / Hashgraph
•Future strategy to enter credentials business in different industries
•Gamification of Intiva using tokens
•How can Intiva improve telehealth adoption?
•Trends in healthcare/blockchain industry
•Outlook for 2019 and beyond
•Favorite businessperson/researcher/scientist in history or now?
•Recommended reading or resource to learn more: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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News Corner:
Walmart recently announced that it has joined the MediLedger project, a consortium of organizations making pharmaceutical supply chains more transparent and decentralized. Other members include Pfizer, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health. Health and wellness accounted for $35 B of US sales in 2018 (about 10% of company’s total sales). The consortium is led by blockchain firm Chronicled in San Francisco. They plan to kick off a pilot project with the FDA this month in June 2019. Mediledger’s main focus is the verification of drugs that are returned to be resold (an amount worth for over $6B in the industry). The challenge of this project will be the fact that Walmart will need to be more transparent about its inventory and supply chain.

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