Why Your Vagina Does What it Does | Dr. Nicole Williams

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Why Your Vagina Does What it Does | Dr. Nicole Williams

March 29, 2022

Why Your Vagina Does What it Does | Dr. Nicole Williams

Dr. Nicole E. Williams is a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. With the philosophy of marrying both alternative and traditional medicine, Dr. Williams opened The Gynecology Institute of Chicago in July 2013 and recently published This is How You Vagina.

In this episode, we cover the following:

  • Tour of female body parts and misconceptions about the female body
  • Vaginal odor: what is normal and when to see a doctor
  • Sitz bath benefits and how it differs from vaginal steam and douching
  • Yeast infection symptoms and treatments
  • How your vagina changes during pregnancy, after birth and in menopause
  • Tips for which lubricant is best and probiotics for women

“There is no such thing as a pretty labia. There is what an ideal might be. We now know that most of the pictures in textbooks of women’s labia, thanks to Dr. Netter, picture them as small, which is not the case at all for almost every human female. ” – Dr. Nicole Williams


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More about Dr Nicole Williams

Dr. Williams has also appeared in Redbook, Prevention Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Chicago Sun-Times,, Buzzfeed, and Bustle. She is a tireless advocate for women’s health issues, especially maternal issues, and has successfully lobbied Congress on behalf of her patients, having her formal remarks on maternal health entered into the public record. Dr. Williams also travels the world extensively, educating and operating on those who need it most in the most far flung places. She has worked in Haiti, Rwanda, Ghana, the Philippines, and Cambodia, to name a few. Dr. Williams has also made many appearances on ABC, NPR, WGN, CBS and FOX Chicago as a noted speaker on women’s health. Additionally, she is a member of American Mensa, the international high-IQ society. In This is How You Vagina, Dr. Williams seeks to dispel all the myths she still hears from patients every day about their vaginas, and to empower them with vagina knowledge. She lives in Chicago, IL.

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