Managing Hormone Imbalances that come with your Hormone Type | Dr Shawn Tassone

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Managing Hormone Imbalances that come with your Hormone Type | Dr Shawn Tassone

March 22, 2022

Managing Hormone Imbalances that come with your Hormone Type | Dr Shawn Tassone

Shawn Tassone, MD Ph.D. is a double-boarded physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Tassone believes it is time for women to understand fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, irregular periods, fibroids, decreased libido, and burnout are not permanent situations. 

In this episode, our conversation focuses on understanding our hormones.

We discuss:

  • Determining you hormonal archetype
  • Which hormones may be out of balance based on your symptoms
  • Possible ways to have hormone balance
  • Which tests can you try to understand your hormones 
  • The effectiveness of various test types: saliva, blood, and urine
  • Dr Tassone’s the top 3 supplements for women

“The human body was made to heal itself and the medical model should involve more patient-centered care with an active patient and passive healer.” – Dr. Shawn Tassone 


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More about Dr Shawn Tassone

He is a practicing OBGYN, speaker, patient advocate, and author. 

His books are written on topics of spirituality in medical care, hormone balance, various aspects of women’s health such as birth control and pregnancy, and he is an advocate for whole foods to heal the human body. 

Dr. Tassone served as a faculty member at the University of Arizona and University 

of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center teaching residents and medical students. Dr. Tassone was also an instructor in Integrative Medicine at Arizona State University. 

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