Why We Need to Respect Women Without Kids | Ruby Warrington

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Why We Need to Respect Women Without Kids | Ruby Warrington

Some women don’t want kids; others want kids but can’t due to circumstances outside their control. Author Ruby Warrington covers everything in her new book, Women Without Kids.
March 28, 2023

Why We Need to Respect Women Without Kids | Ruby Warrington

In this honest and moving episode, author Ruby Warrington joins Fempower Health to discuss her new book, Women Without Kids. We cover all topics from childless couples who don’t want children to women who can’t have children even though it’s their deepest desire.

Ruby shares her experiences writing such an important book, societal pressures for women to have kids, patriarchal assumptions, childlessness vs child-free, and fertility and sterility issues influencing adults today. 

Listen for an insightful, relatable conversation and be sure to check out Ruby’s newest book, Women Without Kids, available in Spring 2023.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Thoughts on Ruby’s new book and why she wrote it
  • What does motherhood mean today?
  • The impact our relationships with our mothers have on views on motherhood
  • Why do women decide to not have kids?
  • Rethinking the assumption that women should automatically want children
  • External pressures women face about marriage, motherhood, and childrearing 
  • Infertility and its impact on women with no kids
  • Pronatalism and society’s historical conditioning

“There’s no such thing as normal. There’s no perfect, untainted path. Whatever path we choose in life is going to come with some regrets, challenges, and suffering.” – Ruby Warrington

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