What to do about those Migraines! | Dr Christine Lay & Nim Lalvani

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What to do about those Migraines! | Dr Christine Lay & Nim Lalvani

September 13, 2021

What to do about those Migraines! | Dr Christine Lay & Nim Lalvani

The American Migraine Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of research and awareness surrounding migraine, a disabling condition that impacts more than 39 million men, women and children in the United States. 

In this episode, Dr. Christine Lay & Nim Lalvani cover:

  • Challenges with getting diagnosed with migraine given the dynamics of our healthcare system
  • How to get properly diagnosed and tools to help you do just that
  • Impact of migraines on individuals and loved ones
  • How to manage migraines including available treatments

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About my Guests

Dr. Christine Lay is a professor of neurology at the University of Toronto where she holds the Deborah Ivey Christiani Brill Chair in Neurology and she is the founding director of the Centre for Headache at Women’s College Hospital. As someone who has had migraine most of her life, Dr. Lay understands firsthand the disability of this common brain disorder. She advocate for her patients and educates trainees and colleagues to better understand and treat migraine. In her position as a board member of the American Headache Society and the Canadian Headache Society, she works tirelessly on a clinical and research level to improve patient care and lessen migraine stigma. She is excited to be part of the American Migraine Foundation and work with AMF leaders to move against migraine.

Nim Lalvani has worked in patient engagement, patient programming and patient advocacy for over 12 years. She has held leadership positions at organizations including the National Kidney Foundation, Younger Survival Coalition and New York State Health Foundation. As director of the American Migraine Foundation, she plans to fully commit to the needs of patients affected by migraine and ensure that they have access to support, resources and research that will empower them throughout their patient journey.

**The information shared by Fempower Health is not medical advice but for information purposes to enable you to have more effective conversations with your doctor.  Always talk to your doctor before making health-related decisions. 

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