The Right Way to Workout | Dr. Amy Hoover & Rachel Katzman

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The Right Way to Workout | Dr. Amy Hoover & Rachel Katzman

February 22, 2022

The Right Way to Workout | Dr. Amy Hoover & Rachel Katzman

Two guests join Fempower Health this week to speak about “movement as medicine.” 

Rachel Katzman is the Co-Founder of P.volve, which started in 2017 after experiencing her own personal evolution through movement influenced by her scoliosis. 

Dr. Amy Hoover is a member of the P.volve Clinical Advisory Board and owns and operates APHysio LLC, a wellness practice where she specializes in hands-on manual therapy. She also has a special interest in both pre and postnatal care and women’s health, plus extensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy. 

We discuss:

  • The reality of simply being told “just go exercise” may not be enough or the right thing for you
  • The foundations of proper technique
  • How to determine the right exercise for you
  • The future of exercise as a prescription

“The way of the future is, you go to your doctor and they give you access to a movement online that you can follow and easily check in with, and it is a part of your prescription.” – Dr. Amy Hoover

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**The information shared by Fempower Health is not medical advice but for information purposes to enable you to have more effective conversations with your doctor. Always talk to your doctor before making health-related decisions. 

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