The Journey to Parenthood Series (Part 2): Embryo Donation:  The Ethical Crossroads | EM-POWER with Moxie

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The Journey to Parenthood Series (Part 2): Embryo Donation: The Ethical Crossroads | EM-POWER with Moxie

November 7, 2023

The Journey to Parenthood Series (Part 2): Embryo Donation: The Ethical Crossroads | EM-POWER with Moxie

Learn about embryo donation and fertility in this insightful discussion with co-founders of EM-POWER with Moxie: an organization that offers resources to donors and families. 

Episode Details:

In Part 2 of the Journey to Parenthood Series, we explore the topic of embryo donation and the decisions available to utilize or donate during the fertility journey. Our guests Jen Vesbit, Gina Davis, and Maya Grobel — co-founders of EM•POWER with Moxie — share their personal experiences of fertility and transformative stories of embryo donation.

EM•POWER with Moxi is an education, support, and matching organization dedicated to empowering all stakeholders involved in embryo donation. In 2023, Maya, Jen, and Gina launched a first-of-its-kind open matching platform for embryo donation, Moxi Matching, to help donors and recipients meet and match in a safe and supported way. The founders have a combined 30+ years of experience working in reproductive medicine, as well as personal experience as embryo donors and a recipient. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • What is embryo donation? 
  • Different experiences between embryo donors and adopted parents
  • Common challenges faced when considering embryo donation 
  • Financial considerations for individuals considering embryo donation 
  • Stories of EM-POWER founders’ experiences with infertility and embryo donation
  • The importance of psychological and community support through the embryo donation process
  • Family-first approaches to building a family amidst the fertility journey 

“For those of us who get to the path of embryo donation, it’s generally after a lot of other stuff has happened… We’ve spent a lot of time, emotional resources, financial resources, and mental gymnastics, and after all that, it becomes, ‘Okay, now I’m going to shift to an egg donor. It feels like I don’t have choices. I have to do this to have a family.’” — Maya Grobel

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