Nina Boyce | Hormone Health: Why It Matters and How to Balance Your Hormones

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Nina Boyce | Hormone Health: Why It Matters and How to Balance Your Hormones

August 17, 2020

Nina Boyce | Hormone Health: Why It Matters and How to Balance Your Hormones

Nina Boyce is a certified hormone and fertility coach. She uses a powerful mix of eastern and western approaches to help women feel whole, healthy and happy.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How stress can cause the reproductive system to shut down or not work properly
  • The difference between estrogen and progesterone, and how this impacts how you feel each month
  • How to know when you need help from a coach or extra support in your health journey
  • What conditions are a result of hormone imbalances
  • Info on the fertility awareness method, DUTCH test and Hair Mineral Tissue Analysis Tests
  • Actionable steps you can take to tune in and improve your health

Women need to stop being so afraid. We’re so fearful of food. Most hormone experts tell you that you have to cut out gluten, dairy, carbs, etc. We get scared when we sit down to eat food. We need a healthier relationship with our body.

We’ve normalized stress and burnout. We all know that we need to reduce stress. Some things are a way of life that you can’t do anything about. We have to prioritize stress reduction in our daily routines or our bodies are in a fight or flight state, which isn’t conducive to producing hormones.” 

Listen in and learn!

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