How Digital Health Companies Help Treat Pelvic Floor | Karen Stander of Hinge Health

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How Digital Health Companies Help Treat Pelvic Floor | Karen Stander of Hinge Health

Hinge Health, one of the leading digital health companies, is transforming pain management. Hear what Hinge is doing to encourage health equity and pelvic floor treatment.
November 22, 2022

How Digital Health Companies Help Treat Pelvic Floor | Karen Stander of Hinge Health

In this episode, Fempower Health talks with Karen Stander, vice president of Physical Therapy and Women’s Health at the virtual pain clinic, Hinge Health. They discuss health equity for women, how digital health companies are revolutionizing the medical system, and what personalized medical care can do to support patients with musculoskeletal disorders. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • How many women have pelvic floor issues?
  • Ways that the American healthcare system limit people from getting the musculoskeletal treatment they need 
  • What is virtual physical therapy?
  • What Hinge Health does and how is helps address medical equity
  • The importance of behavioral change in pain management 
  • How virtual healthcare settings like Hinge operate 
  • Wearable technology for pain, treatment, and recovery

“Each woman should feel empowered to make decisions for herself… When it comes to addressing systemic issues in healthcare and recognizing that a lot of women don’t have access, how can we help other women get there?” – Karen Stander 

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