Fighting for Intimacy Justice and Women’s Sexual Health Online | Jackie Rotman

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Fighting for Intimacy Justice and Women’s Sexual Health Online | Jackie Rotman

Why do ads for women’s sexual health repeatedly get blocked while male-targeted ads run freely? Learn how the Center for Intimacy Justice is pushing to reach people with vulvas.
November 8, 2022

Fighting for Intimacy Justice and Women’s Sexual Health Online | Jackie Rotman

In this episode, Fempower Health has an insightful conversation with Jackie Rotman of the Center for Intimacy Justice. Jackie shares the present advertising limitations for women’s sexual health products, the unequal content standards regarding sexual health for men vs women, and the small steps people can take to further intimacy justice online and in the real world. 

Discussed in this episode:

  • Discrimination in reproductive health-targeted social media ads
  • Examples of women’s sexual health advertisements and images that get blocked
  • Standards of big advertising platforms such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok
  • What the Center for Intimacy Justice is doing to improve policies for sexual wellness ads
  • How a lack of understanding about female anatomy affects policies
  • Content moderation and its impact on what information women have access to
  • What sexual wellness companies can do when posting ads on social media

“If an ad has to do with vulvas, vaginas, breasts, uteruses, or female reproductive organs, then it’s subject to censorship. Most of the ads are not about sexual pleasure but rather about women’s health. And yet, they’re still getting banned.” – Jackie Rotman

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