A Postpartum Doula:  Why It's the Best Gift for New Families | Kelly Rutan

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A Postpartum Doula: Why It's the Best Gift for New Families | Kelly Rutan

May 17, 2021

A Postpartum Doula: Why It's the Best Gift for New Families | Kelly Rutan

Kelly Rutan is a certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula with over six years of experience supporting families as they transition into parenthood. 

In this episode,  Kelly  covers:

  • What a postpartum doula does
  • How this role adds value to new and growing families
  • How to find a qualified individual

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More About Kelly Rutan

Prior to her career as a doula, Kelly spent years as a workaholic litigation attorney, trying (and often failing) to balance the demands of a busy career with a fulfilling family life. After surviving her own anxious and lonely postpartum experiences, Kelly was convinced that new mothers deserved more. Through her work as a postpartum doula, she provides hands-on help and education, as well as uplifting, emotional support to new parents as they navigate one of the most exhausting and overwhelming times of their lives.

Today, Kelly lives in Cary, North Carolina and is the co-owner of a busy doula agency, Doulas of Raleigh. She is also a trainer for the training and certifying organization, ProDoula, and has trained hundreds of new Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas. She is passionate about providing nonjudgmental support to new families and spreading the word far and wide about what postpartum doulas really do.

**The information shared by Fempower Health is not medical advice but for information purposes to enable you to have more effective conversations with your doctor.  Always talk to your doctor before making health-related decisions. 

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