#148 – Zeke Emanuel on Long COVID


#148 – Zeke Emanuel on Long COVID

July 19, 2022

#148 – Zeke Emanuel on Long COVID

On this week's episode of the CareTalk podcast, we discuss long COVID with Dr. Zeke Emanuel.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage around the globe, more and more people are being diagnosed with long COVID, a condition characterized by symptoms that persist for weeks or even months after infection. Dr. Emanuel explains why solving the mystery of long COVID should be a priority for researchers and clinicians, and he offers some hope that we may eventually get a handle on this debilitating disease. 

About Ezekiel Emanuel:
Ezekiel J. Emanuel, an oncologist, medical ethicist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, served on the Covid-19 Advisory Board for the Biden-Harris transition.

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