Build Back Better Becomes a Healthcare Bill


Build Back Better Becomes a Healthcare Bill

July 25, 2022

Build Back Better Becomes a Healthcare Bill

The build back better plan was initially proposed as a way to improve infrastructure and create jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the plan has since evolved into a healthcare bill that would provide financial assistance to states for the expansion of Medicaid. The bill would also establish a new health insurance program for low-income Americans,

In this episode of the CareTalk podcast, John and David explore explore the transformation of the build back better plan and debate what its impact on healthcare will be.

Topics covered:

  • What happened to the Build Back Better Plan? 
  • Why is Build Back Better a Healthcare Bill Now?
  • What’s in the Build Back Better Bill?
  • Will Build Back Better reduce insulin prices?
  • What will happen if build back better is passed? What are the benefits? 
  • Will Build Back Better help Democrats win in the midterms?

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