Episode #147: See, Solve, Scale with Danny Warshay

CareTalk Podcast

Episode #147: See, Solve, Scale with Danny Warshay

July 11, 2022

Episode #147: See, Solve, Scale with Danny Warshay

In this episode of CareTalk, Danny Warshay, author of "See, Solve, Scale" joins the show to discuss the method of unlocking the power of entrepreneurship and why he believes that entrepreneurs can help solve healthcare reform.

About Danny Warshay:
Danny Warshay is the founding Executive Director of the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship and Professor of the Practice at Brown University. He also runs workshops on Entrepreneurship in corporate, nonprofit, academic, and governmental contexts in countries around the world. He began his entrepreneurial pursuits while an undergraduate at Brown as a member of the Clearview Software startup leadership team. Apple acquired Clearview, and since then, he has co-founded and sold companies in fields ranging from software and advanced materials to consumer products and media. Danny received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Learn more about See, Solve, Scale here:

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