Patient Centric Trial Design with Pam Cusick

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Patient Centric Trial Design with Pam Cusick

March 18, 2024

Patient Centric Trial Design with Pam Cusick

When you think health care, do you picture white coats and clinical trials, or do you see a tapestry of real-life stories and patient voices waiting to be heard? Join me, Dr. BCW, as I sit down with public health virtuoso Pam Cusick, whose three-decade crusade for patient empowerment and crystal-clear communication in healthcare research is nothing short of revolutionary. Pam’s candor about her early FDA work during the AIDS crisis, her insights into the rise of direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising, and her unwavering advocacy for patient involvement in research, shines a light on the human side of health innovation. Together, we unpack the complexities and celebrate the victories of bringing patient experiences to the forefront of healthcare design and delivery.

Healthcare is undergoing a seismic shift, with patient-centricity at its heart. This episode peels back the layers of what it truly means to center patients in the health narrative, with a special focus on the transformative power of their input in clinical trial design. Listen to the poignant story of a woman with Fabry disease and the profound lessons her experiences impart about the necessity of empathy and understanding in treatment and research. As Pam and I explore the broader implications of patient feedback, we confront the realities of health equity and the vital role that patient voices play in steering the healthcare system toward more equitable, effective outcomes for all. Don’t miss this deep dive into the essence of what makes health care not just a service, but a partnership.

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