Advocacy Across Arenas: Alexandra Carter’s Insights on Negotiation and Health

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Advocacy Across Arenas: Alexandra Carter’s Insights on Negotiation and Health

April 1, 2024

Advocacy Across Arenas: Alexandra Carter’s Insights on Negotiation and Health

Have you ever felt like your voice is lost in the crowd, or struggled to advocate for your own needs? Professor Alexandra Carter joins us to illuminate the pathways to empowerment through the art of negotiation and self-advocacy. Drawing from her rich experience as a Columbia Law professor and director of Mediation Clinic, Professor Carter shares her transformative journey from a place of silence to leading individuals to find and amplify their own voices. Our discussion ventures into the realms of health, career, and personal life, showcasing negotiation as an indispensable tool for growth and self-empowerment. Professor Carter’s expertise, paired with her work with NBC News’ Know Your Value, offers actionable insights for women striving to ascend in their careers.

Role models can profoundly influence our lives, and this episode delves into the stories that have shaped our understanding of advocacy. I open up about my father’s selfless community service and how it has woven into my personal fabric of advocacy. We also tackle the power of standing up for oneself, particularly in healthcare, as I recount a recent health experience that underscores the life-saving potential of self-advocacy. This chapter is an invitation to listeners to find inspiration in their own life narratives and take proactive steps in health, work, and at home.

To conclude, we share an uplifting tale of a guest’s first colonoscopy, transforming a typically intimidating experience into one of empowerment and proactive health management. By embracing this narrative, we hope to dispel fears and promote a proactive approach to health care, while acknowledging the privilege that influences our experiences within the medical system. Professor Carter extends an invitation to connect through her daily motivational posts and at the upcoming TEDxReno event, intertwining her message of empowerment with the power of personal connections. Join us as we celebrate the strength of our voices and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

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