#11 Professional Development Through Policy Advocacy

AAOS Career Podcast

#11 Professional Development Through Policy Advocacy

August 3, 2022

#11 Professional Development Through Policy Advocacy

Involvement in policy advocacy is about more than just advancing musculoskeletal care, it is also a way for orthopaedic surgeons to develop professionally. This episode, featuring an AAOS healthcare lobbyist and resident leader on the Orthopaedic PAC, explains how important skills such as effective communication and the art of negotiation can be fostered through engagement in advocacy.

More on AAOS’ Orthopaedic Advocacy Week:

More on AAOS Advocacy:

More on the AAOS Resident Assembly:

Guests: Catherine Hayes, Lead Lobbyist, AAOS; Sarah Nelson, PGY-5, Walter Reed, National Military Medical Center, Orthopaedic PAC Resident Fellow

Host: Liana J. Tedesco, MD, Chair, AAOS Resident Assembly

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