E98:  Dr. Bon Ku – Leading The Avengers of Health Care

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E98: Dr. Bon Ku – Leading The Avengers of Health Care

October 13, 2021

E98: Dr. Bon Ku – Leading The Avengers of Health Care

Ben & Jay are joined by Dr. Bon Ku, Director of Jefferson Health Design Lab in Philadelphia.  Dr. Ku is well-known on a number of fronts – a practicing emergency medicine physician; a leader in teaching design to medical students and physicians; a co-author of Health Design Thinking; host of Design Lab podcast; and from his prominent role in TNT's Chasing the Cure.

Hear Bon talk about the amazing work he and his team do to help the most vulnerable communities in Philadelphia, how Design Lab is like a small restaurant, and his other creative projects.

See and hear more Bon Ku:
Dr. Ku at Mayo Transform 2017
Dr. Ku on Masters of Scale Rapid Response
Dr. Ku on Instagram

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Bon Ku
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