E83:  Terik Tidwell – “Venture Humanist”

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E83: Terik Tidwell – “Venture Humanist”

December 9, 2020

E83: Terik Tidwell – “Venture Humanist”

One of our favorite things to do is spotlight the incredible innovators located right here in our backyard of Charlotte, NC. This episode features Terik Tidwell, Director of the STEM Innovation Initiative and Executive Director of the Smith – Tech Innovation Center at Johnson C Smith University.  Learn about the work Terik and his team have done to boost innovation and entrepreneurship in the community and the unique role a University plays in the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A little more about Terik: He's a multi-industry innovator himself, with experience developing and managing projects intersecting with higher-education, economic development, international affairs, and more. Through the U.S. Department of State, Terik has served in several roles such as US-China Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fellow, Global Innovation Fellow, Young Leaders of Americas Fellow, and an Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Fellow. A member of Harvard Business Review’s Advisory Council, Terik also focuses his energies by supporting organizations like VentureWell and the Greenlight Fund, as well as local organizations like NC Idea, Startup Weekend, and the Local Initiatives Support Corporation.

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