E103:  Mike Eppehimer on Improvisational Leadership

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

E103: Mike Eppehimer on Improvisational Leadership

February 23, 2022

E103: Mike Eppehimer on Improvisational Leadership

Ben & Jay find another opportunity to weave improv into your innovation expedition, joined by Mike Eppehimer, founder of ThreefoldYes.  Prior to starting ThreefoldYes, Mike was a seasoned senior healthcare executive who integrated his experience in the creative arts with improvement science.  Mike talks about his unique career arc and numerous practical insights on improvisational leadership that he shares in his recent TEDx talk "The Performance of a Lifetime".  Ben participates in a fun and useful exercise on shifting status.  And if you stick around past the exit music, Mike and Jay improvise at opera.

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