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Physician Employment and Trends in Compensation Models with Author, Jeff Gorke

Jeffrey T. Gorke is the author of The Employed Physician: Your Essential Guide to the Business of Medicine. His experience ranges from Medicare administration to running both large and small, single-specialty, privately held medical group practices to medical society management on a national level.  Gorke specializes in turning around employed health systems and revenue cycle process improvement and delivering quantifiable returns on investment (ROI) for practices and health systems.   As more and more physicians opt for employed positions, either when starting their careers or transitioning from independent practice to “employee” status, or when a practice is sold or merged, this podcast interview sets the stage for giving physicians the history and elements of business know-how to succeed as an employed physician. This episode offers an important briefing on trends in employment for physicians by an accomplished official. Jeff Gorke  (678) 333-3419 Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
May 31, 2023

Social Media Strategies for Physician Leaders with Dr. Umbereen Nehal

As we consume news and information in different ways than in past generations, it is both an opportunity and a challenge for physicians to make use of social media platforms to inform and connect with each other … and their patients. Mike Sacopulos interviews Umbereen Nehal, MD, MPH, FAAP, a digital health physician leader.  She is an MIT Sloan Fellow MBA candidate, a former Medicaid medical director, and a former CMO.  Nehal has been named a “Top Voice” four times by LinkedIn. She is now developing a FemTech venture at MIT, combining her experiences as a patient, caregiver, payer, public servant, certified coach, physician, and advocate. Crafting an influential presence on social media platforms, Nehal shares: Strategies that have had an impact on the way she practices medicine. How to be a patient advocate via access to patients’ perspectives and patient stories. Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
May 17, 2023

Effective Crisis Leadership in Healthcare with Aimee Greeter, MPH, FACHE

Aimee Greeter, MPH, FACHE, is a principle at SullivanCotter in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the author of Effective Crisis Leadership in Healthcare: Lessons Learned from a Pandemic. A popular speaker across the nation, and an author of articles on topics such as hospital-physician alignment, clinical engagement, practice mergers, professional service agreements, and executive leadership, Greeter is also a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives and holds a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. In this timely podcast, host Mike Sacopulos and Aimee Greeter discuss the elements of planning for and managing a crisis for any healthcare organization through the lens of the recent pandemic. In addition to her work in crisis management, Greeter also specializes in helping organizations assess, develop, and implement pay and career equity initiatives and consults with employers on ways to improve fairness, transparency, and advancement for all people regardless of their gender identity, race, and ethnic background. She also collaborates closely with clients to optimize physician and advanced practice provider alignment and affiliation activities to support quality care outcomes, cost efficiencies, integrated care team delivery, and patient-centered operations. Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
May 3, 2023

The Emotionally Intelligent Physician Leader with Susan Fink Childs

Susan Fink Childs, FACMPE, is the author of the new book, The Emotionally Intelligent Physician Leader, published by the AAPL.   Ms. Fink Childs’s mission is to help healthcare practices build compassionate, accessible care while ensuring each staff member is respected and recognized for their individual value, impact, and contribution to the organization. Host Mike Sacopulos discusses the following with Susan Fink Childs: The genesis of the book project. Childs’s philosophy on communication in the healthcare practice (both with staff and with patients). Hints for physicians and non-clinical staff members on increasing their EQ (emotional quotient) via communication skills and body language. Childs is a national presenter and international author for organizations including AAPL, AAOE, AAP, MGMA, Ascent, ACC, and the AMA. She also served as the ACMPE education advancement chair with MGMA. Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
April 19, 2023

The Mission of the ABIM Foundation with Dr. Richard J. Baron

Richard J. Baron, MD, MACP, is president and CEO of the American Board of Internal Medicine and the ABIM Foundation.  In this timely and important podcast, Baron discusses the history and mission of the ABIM and its role in healthcare in the United States. The ABIM, most recently, has taken on the issue of medical misinformation and how it has contributed to the deterioration of trust in medicine and science. Baron discusses, in detail, a recent piece in The New England Journal of Medicine where he and his co-author discuss the importance of the medical profession maintaining independence from political interference and the consequences of attempts to politicize medical issues. Baron expands on how this situation is having an impact on physicians, their patients, and medicine. As a bonus, host Mike Sacopulos and Dr. Baron discuss Baron’s undergraduate degree in English and how those studies helped both his writing and his skills as a physician leader. Protecting the Legitimacy of Medical Expertise by Richard J. Baron, MD, and Carl H. Coleman, JD Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
April 5, 2023

OCME: Life in America’s Top Forensic Medical Center, New Book by Bruce Goldfarb

Bruce Goldfarb is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, USA Today, Baltimore magazine, American Archaeology, American Health, and many other publications. For ten years, Bruce has served as executive assistant to the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Maryland and the public information office for the Office of Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). Bruce’s newest book, OCME: Life in America’s Top Forensic Medical Center published February 2023. Host Mike Sacopulos discusses the new OCME book with Goldfarb, a behind-the-scenes portrait of one of the largest and busiest forensic medical centers in the United States. Once celebrated as the gold standard of death investigation, the OCME of Maryland was hammered between an epidemic of violence and opioid deaths and strangling budgetary restraints imposed by indifferent state officials, ultimately plunging the institution into crisis. The author highlights the dedicated professionals who work against increasingly daunting odds. In the U.S., forensic death investigation is in a precarious state.  The shortage of forensic pathologists, shrinking government support, a decade-long opioid epidemic causing a rising tide of drug related deaths, delays in autopsies leading to delayed burial and survivor benefits being paid, delays in criminal investigations and civil litigations, all contribute to a system failing to provide essential public health services in many parts of the country. Learn more about the American Association for Physician Leadership at  
March 22, 2023
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SoundPractice, hosted by the American Association for Physician Leadership®, delivers practical information and fresh perspectives for physician leaders and those running healthcare systems. Physician advocates Michael Sacopulos, JD (healthcare attorney, author, speaker) and Cheryl Toth, MBA (business writer, speaker - former practice consultant and healthcare tech executive) bring you the best thought leaders, crisp humor, and pithy tips to help your healthcare organization thrive.


Cheryl Toth, MBA

Cheryl Toth, MBA

Cheryl Toth, MBA, is a professional development leader, trainer, and content creator. Her passion is empowering physicians and practice teams to achieve goals, improve performance, and enjoy their work.

She brings 25 years of practice management consulting, training, healthcare technology leadership, and content development to her projects.

Cheryl has a BS, Music from Western Michigan University and an MBA, Finance from Loyola University Chicago. She received coaching training from Erickson College. A distance runner and life-long learner, Cheryl enjoys culinary, visual, and performing arts, loves to travel, and aspires to speak Spanish fluently.
Michael J. Sacopulos, JD

Michael J. Sacopulos, JD

Mike is the CEO of Medical Risk Institute (MRI), a firm that provides proactive counsel to the healthcare community in order to identify where liability risks originate, and reduce or remove these risks. Mike’s unlawyerlike pragmatism and clever wit make him a sought after speaker by national specialty societies MGMA national and state chapters, and trade associations.

Mike is General Counsel for Medical Justice Services where he is tasked with keeping the organization’s members out of meritless lawsuits. In a fit of madness, Mike agreed to work with a Lloyd’s of London firm, to write the first cyber insurance product designed exclusively for healthcare industry.

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