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A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

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E45: The Design Value of Health with Steve Downs

What would it look like if Netflix was helping you stay healthy? Learn about how we can make health an inherent design feature in our everyday lives from Steve Downs, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In this, our 50th podcast episode, Steve paints a picture of a world intentionally designed to make it easier for individuals and communities to choose healthy behaviors. How do we get there? Listen and find out! We discuss behavior change theories, promoting a culture of health, persuading tech companies that health is a value expressed horizontally across product lines, and the three phases of Steve’s lunchtime routine. @stephenjdowns @RWJF @SherpaPod @WillBehrmann @TheBenReport Piano Stairs Designing Everyday Life to Be Healthier – Health Experience Design Conference 2019 - A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -

August 21, 2019

E49: Industry Integration and Serendipitous Collisions with Mike Biselli

Episode 49 features Mike Biselli, a healthtech entrepreneur and community-building pioneer with a bold vision for reimagining healthcare. Learn about how Mike planted a flag in the ground and determined to create a built environment that would foster serendipitous collisions to catalyze innovation and transformational change. The result: Catalyst HTI, a 180,000 square-foot industry integrator campus designed to bring health-tech start-ups and established health care entities together under one roof, located in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, Lindsay Deneault shares her experience facilitating similar collisions at TMC Innovation in Houston, Texas. This episode nearly melted the walls of our podcast studio, so drink up your 5-Hour Energy, kick back, and enjoy this animated conversation about the power of vision and collision!

August 8, 2019

E48 Part 1: Designing for Cultural Competency and an Inclusive Workforce

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and wonderfully diverse. How can organizations keep pace with this expanding cultural diversity and design with cultural competency? Episode #48 Part 1 features Kinneil Coltman, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health; Elizabeth Watson, Manager of Innovation; and Ben Tingey, Manager of Innovation and, for this episode, in a hybrid role as host and guest. Listen and learn about how a large healthcare system champions diversity and inclusion, adapts services to meet culturally unique needs, includes cultural groups in the design process, and improves health outcomes and community trust as a result. @KinneilC @ElizCLT @TheBenReport @SherpaPod @AtriumHealth - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -

July 26, 2019

E48 Part 2: Designing for Cultural Competency and an Inclusive Workforce

Our world is becoming increasingly complex and wonderfully diverse. How can organizations keep pace with this expanding diversity and assemble an inclusive workforce? Episode #48 - Part 2 features André Blackman and Touré McCluskey of Onboard Health, an organization dedicated to building a dynamic ecosystem of career acceleration opportunities to cultivate a powerful, inclusive workforce that is well equipped to solve some of our most pressing issues. When talented individuals who reflect the diverse fabric of our society build new ventures or have a seat the table of innovative companies, the solutions that come will inherently reflect the complex needs of our society. Listen and learn to build a more human company! @onboardhealth @mindofandre @touremccluskey Onboard Health The Sustainable Future Blog "Why I Started Onboard Health" @SherpaPod @TheBenReport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -

July 26, 2019

E47: A Passion for Product – Tom Schlegel of Radio Flyer

Ben & Jay talk to Tom Schlegel, Chief Innovation Officer of Radio Flyer, the iconic 102-year old company that’s on a mission to bring smiles to kids of all ages. During his 16 years at Radio Flyer, he has been a key leader in the evolution of the company from a steel wagon manufacturer to a customer-driven design and development powerhouse. Tom talks about how he has employed Dr. Clay Christensen’s theories of Disruptive Innovation and Jobs to be Done to help Radio Flyer hold potential disruptors at bay and continue to develop products that create warm memories for kids of all ages. It’s not just little red wagons anymore! Innovators of all walks of life will enjoy hearing Tom’s journey from studying engineering and industrial design at Notre Dame to leading product development, sales and marketing at one of our country’s recognized best places to work. An Emmy Award winning short film capturing the essence of the Radio Flyer purpose brand: The history of Radio Flyer:

July 10, 2019

E46: An Abundance Mindset with Robin Glasco

Get ready to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance in this episode of A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation featuring Robin Glasco, co-founder and Managing Partner of Bambü Global Healthcare Advisors.

June 6, 2019

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Are you looking to better understand and apply innovation theories, methods and tools? Do you need to think about your business or industry in a different way? Join the Sherpas as they conduct spirited conversations and tell compelling stories to guide you along your innovation expedition. Get your gear ready! Business Model Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Strategic Partnerships
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Jay Gerhart

Jay Gerhart

A passionate driver of consumer strategy and innovation for Atrium Health. As part of the Innovation Engine, he employs methods such Design Thinking, Jobs to Be Done and Business Model Innovation in product and service development. Recently trained at Second City Chicago and Charlotte Comedy Theatre in improvisation, he brings “Yes, And” and a next level of teamwork to transformational projects. During his 20 years with Atrium Health, he has led many of the system’s most significant corporate strategy, planning and development initiatives, including Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute.
Ben Tingey

Ben Tingey

Benjamin Tingey is an Innovation Manager with the Atrium Health Innovation Engine. In this role he champions the voice of the patient, designing care experiences and business models that nail their Job to Be Done, and curates the voices of the Innovation Engine and other innovation thought leaders by hosting the "A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation" podcast. Benjamin learned to speak Spanish fluently as a 19-year old serving the Hispanic immigrant community in South Carolina. Before joining the Innovation Engine, his prior career experience included Spanish language instruction, social entrepreneurship, healthcare startups, and hospital system corporate strategy. Benjamin’s love of American history and literature influenced his preference for schools named after famous Americans, receiving his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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