A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

The Innovation Engine at Atrium Health

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E90: Tanqueray Edwards – Inventing, Caring, Leading Change in Innovation

Ben and Jay have an exceptional conversation with Tanqueray Edwards, Global Innovation & Program Director at JLL, a global real estate and investment management firm.  Tanqueray talks about standing up an innovation function at JLL during the...
April 7, 2021

E89: Slices of Healthcare Insights with Andy Mychkovsky

Join Sherpa Host Ben Tingey as he interviews Andy Mychkovsky, a growth and product consultant for healthcare startup companies and the founder and writer of And nope, it's not a pizza company. Rather, it's a blog that serves up...
March 24, 2021

E88: Javier Lozano – Market-Creating Innovation for Diabetes Care

Ben & Jay have an inspiring conversation with Javier Lozano, Founder and CEO of Clínicas del Azúcar, a growing chain of "one-stop shops" for diabetes care in Mexico.  Armed with a willingness to explore, a passion for helping people in need...
March 10, 2021

E87: Kristen Berman – Filling Holes in Human Behavior

Ben and Jay revisit the fascinating topic of behavioral science with Kristen Berman, CEO of Irrational Labs.   Kristen co-founded Irrational Labs, a behavioral product design company, with Dan Ariely, helping companies and nonprofits understand and...
February 24, 2021

E86: Ben Tingey – Empathizing, Teaching, Serving

In our first new episode of 2021, Jay exchanges chairs with your Sherpa host Ben Tingey!  Ben covers a lot of ground about learning/doing/teaching innovation over the past few years, a recent project related to physician burnout that's making a big...
February 10, 2021

E85: Remembering Dr. Clayton M. Christensen

This episode was originally released on January 28, 2020.  Ben & Jay reflect on what Dr. Clay Christensen has meant to each of them, their experience meeting Clay and his wife, Christine, and a few parting thoughts in gratitude for this amazing...
January 27, 2021

About A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation

Are you looking to better understand and apply innovation theories, methods and tools? Do you need to think about your business or industry in a different way? Join the Sherpas as they conduct spirited conversations and tell compelling stories to guide you along your innovation expedition. Get your gear ready! Business Model Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Strategic Partnerships
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Jay Gerhart

Jay Gerhart

A passionate driver of consumer strategy and innovation for Atrium Health. As part of the Innovation Engine, he employs methods such Design Thinking, Jobs to Be Done and Business Model Innovation in product and service development. Recently trained at Second City Chicago and Charlotte Comedy Theatre in improvisation, he brings “Yes, And” and a next level of teamwork to transformational projects. During his 20 years with Atrium Health, he has led many of the system’s most significant corporate strategy, planning and development initiatives, including Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute.
Ben Tingey

Ben Tingey

Benjamin Tingey is an Innovation Manager with the Atrium Health Innovation Engine. In this role he champions the voice of the patient, designing care experiences and business models that nail their Job to Be Done, and curates the voices of the Innovation Engine and other innovation thought leaders by hosting the "A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation" podcast. Benjamin learned to speak Spanish fluently as a 19-year old serving the Hispanic immigrant community in South Carolina. Before joining the Innovation Engine, his prior career experience included Spanish language instruction, social entrepreneurship, healthcare startups, and hospital system corporate strategy. Benjamin’s love of American history and literature influenced his preference for schools named after famous Americans, receiving his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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