A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

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E69: Bermon Painter & the Job to Be Done of the EY wavespace™

Catch the wave! Bermon Painter is the EY Innovation and Strategy Director at the Charlotte EY wavespace™. He has spent the past 20 years with a focus on product strategy, customer experience, user experience design, and enterprise application development across numerous industries. He frequently speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world on digital transformation, product strategy, and leadership. Bermon is also the president of IxDA Charlotte, a non-profit aimed at evangelizing human-centered design methods and connecting the broader UX community. In this episode, Bermon shares his thoughts on the Job to Be Done of workshops, effective facilitation tips, how the EY wavespace™ is helping to foster an innovation community in Charlotte, and his roots in graphic design. @bermonpainter @ey_us @EYnews @ixdacharlotte @SherpaPod @TheBenReport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation podcast is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
May 21, 2020

E68: Design at a Distance

Sherpa Host Ben Tingey talks with two Sherpa's Guide to Innovation podcast vets and innovation pros,  David Phillips of Faster Glass and Eric Gorman of Wily LLC, about the rapid pivot to innovating virtually during COVID-19.  Hear about what's worked...
May 6, 2020

E67: Reflections from an Innovation Gladiator – Dr. Jean Wright

It's another closet studio edition! For episode 67 we have the privilege of listening to the brilliant mind and disarming wit of our Innovation Gladiator, Dr. Jean Wright, as she reflects on her impending retirement and the things she's learned as the Chief Innovation Officer at Atrium Health, such as: Innovation is actually code for change management How she got her "Gladiator" nickname Advice to aspiring innovators How to get back up after getting "thrown off the porch" The enduring impact of COVID-19 on the field of innovation Throughout the episode you'll hear some surprise tributes sprinkled into the conversation as we bid a fond farewell to our leader. Thank you, Jean, for your years of wise leadership, creativity, and generosity. @drjeanwright @thebenreport @SherpaPod @atriumhealth - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation podcast is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
April 22, 2020

E66: Debunking Design Thinking Myths with Jason Rome

Jason Rome of Skookum joins us on A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation podcast again, this time talking about the common myths and misapplications of design thinking. He pulls in his customer experience insights, just as he did on Episode 25, to explain how the value of design thinking is not found in the workshop event but in the subsequent iterations and execution of the work. Collected from years of human-centered design work with large organizations, Jason shares such nuggets of wisdom as: Balance desirability, feasibility, and viability. Fall in love with the right problem, not a solution Design for who people simply are, not who we wish they were The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do Respect the engineers! This episode is another closet studio edition as we grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With much of the nation now working remotely, Jason also shares some recommendations about remote work-life balance and how to conduct virtual workshops—topics he recently wrote about for Skookum’s blog. @Skookum @GlobalLogic @SherpaPod @AtriumHealth @theBenReport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
April 8, 2020

E65: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Ben & Jay come to you from their closets, reflecting on the sudden and dramatic changes occurring as a result of COVID-19. They discuss working (and podcasting) at home, what COVID-19 might permanently change, and how constraints unleash innovation.
March 25, 2020

E64: Zayna Khayat on The Future of Aging

Ben & Jay welcome back Dr. Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist of SE Health to discuss their new book, The Future of Aging.
March 11, 2020

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Jay Gerhart

Jay Gerhart

A passionate driver of consumer strategy and innovation for Atrium Health. As part of the Innovation Engine, he employs methods such Design Thinking, Jobs to Be Done and Business Model Innovation in product and service development. Recently trained at Second City Chicago and Charlotte Comedy Theatre in improvisation, he brings “Yes, And” and a next level of teamwork to transformational projects. During his 20 years with Atrium Health, he has led many of the system’s most significant corporate strategy, planning and development initiatives, including Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute.
Ben Tingey

Ben Tingey

Benjamin Tingey is an Innovation Manager with the Atrium Health Innovation Engine. In this role he champions the voice of the patient, designing care experiences and business models that nail their Job to Be Done, and curates the voices of the Innovation Engine and other innovation thought leaders by hosting the "A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation" podcast. Benjamin learned to speak Spanish fluently as a 19-year old serving the Hispanic immigrant community in South Carolina. Before joining the Innovation Engine, his prior career experience included Spanish language instruction, social entrepreneurship, healthcare startups, and hospital system corporate strategy. Benjamin’s love of American history and literature influenced his preference for schools named after famous Americans, receiving his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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