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A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

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E114: Bob Moesta – Learning to Build Through 847 Notebooks

Ben and Jay welcome back the one and only Bob Moesta for a record 4th episode.  Bob is a founding father of Jobs to Be Done theory, CEO of The ReWired Group (which has a great new website) and author of the recently published Learning to Build: 5 Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs.  Hear Bob talk about why he wrote the book, a couple of non-JTBD topics from the book, and what he's focusing on in his remaining 1,890 days.  Yes, it's morbid, but it will be explained.  And hopefully it's much longer than that.Learn about another of Bob's mentor's, David T. Lord here, and his book The Visual System of Work here.All Things Twitter, while it lasts:Bob MoestaA Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
November 23, 2022

E113: Perry Klebahn – The Practice of Ideaflow

For our penultimate episode of 2022, we interview Perry Klebahn about his soon-to-be-published book Ideaflow: The Only Business Metric that Matters, co-authored with Jeremy Utley. Perry is an Adjunct Professor and Director of Executive Education at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design--the Stanford University. Prior to his role at the, Perry was CEO of Timbuk2 and COO of Patagonia. He's also an avid surfer. Perry posits that innovation is not an event, a workshop, a sprint, or a hackathon, but rather the result of mastering ideaflow. Put simply, ideas / time = ideaflow. When applied, ideaflow is an effective approach to problem-solving that reduces effort, minimizes risk, and magnifies results. To illustrate this concept, Perry shares personal stories of when he has (and hasn't) applied ideaflow to gnarly business problems, and how he, Jeremy, and the team promulgate this approach to their students, startups, and large corporations.  "Once you fully understand what ideas are, where they come from, and how to separate the winners from the losers, you can finally put that lightning rod down and start making lightning." Pre-order Ideaflow today and learn more by visiting Twitter:@[email protected]@[email protected] the show
October 19, 2022

E112: Mona Baset – Translating Marketing, Technology, and Innovation

Ben & Jay reconnect with a former colleague and friend of innovation, Mona Baset, Vice President, Digital Services at Intermountain Healthcare.   During her career prior to Intermountain, Mona has held a variety of leadership positions in marketing and technology at Atrium Health and Bank of America.  While at Atrium Health, she participated in the very first cohort of the Innovation Engine's Catalyst Program, a hands-on design thinking course featured in Episode 35: Catalyzing an Environment of Innovation.  Today, Mona leads digital engagement strategy and transformation, including the development and implementation of the digital technology road map at one of the country's leading and most respected health care systems.  Hear Mona talk about her career journey, enhancing the health care consumer experience, and the importance of design thinking in her approach.All Things Twitter:A Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
September 7, 2022

E111: Ruth Hartt – An Opera Singer Walks Into a Think Tank and Meets a Theory

Ben & Jay dig again into Jobs to Be Done, this time from a fascinating perspective with Ruth Hartt, Chief of Staff to the President at the Christensen Institute and creator of Culture for Hire.  Ruth, a former opera singer and vocal teacher, is passionate about bringing customer-centric innovation to arts marketing.  Classical music audiences have declined nearly 50% since 1997.  Hear how Ruth applies Jobs to Be Done theory to help arts organizations reverse this trend and expand their notion of their audience and how reach them.  The Art of Relevance by Nina SimonAll Things Twitter:Ruth HarttA Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
August 10, 2022

E110: Talking Jobs to be Done Philosophy with Scott Burleson

Ben & Jay have a fun Jobs to Be Done deep dive with Scott Burleson, Senior Vice President at the AIM Institute, a company on a mission to change B2B innovation.  Scott is an expert in Outcome-Driven Innovation, with deep product management and innovation experience at John Deere and Strategyn.  He is author of The Statue in the Stone: Decoding Customer Motivation with the 48 Laws of Jobs-To-Be-Done Philosophy and co-host the the Product Quest podcast.Hear Scott talk about why he views Jobs to Be Done as a philosophy, why value propositions present us with a paradox, and his attempt to break JTBD through a dialogue about chicken wings and chicken tenders.Alchemy - the Rory Sutherland book Scott referencesAll Things Twitter:Scott Burleson (@newproductdog)A Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
July 20, 2022

E109: Kapil Kane on Helping Inventors Become Intrapreneurs

Ben & Jay venture into technology, invention and intrapreneurship with Kapil Kane, Director of Innovation for Intel Corporation in China.  Kapil co-founded and leads GrowthX, an award-winning corporate - startup accelerator that has launched multiple new businesses generating $400M+ in projected revenues through bottoms-up innovations in areas of AI, IOT, 5G & new silicon technology.  Hear about how Kapil developed this platform for inventors, as well as his experiences at Apple in the days of Steve Jobs.View Kapil's TEDx talkThe Sherpas on Twitter:A Sherpa's Guide to InnovationBen TingeyJay GerhartSupport the show
June 29, 2022

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Jay Gerhart

Jay Gerhart

A passionate driver of consumer strategy and innovation for Atrium Health. As part of the Innovation Engine, he employs methods such Design Thinking, Jobs to Be Done and Business Model Innovation in product and service development. Recently trained at Second City Chicago and Charlotte Comedy Theatre in improvisation, he brings “Yes, And” and a next level of teamwork to transformational projects. During his 20 years with Atrium Health, he has led many of the system’s most significant corporate strategy, planning and development initiatives, including Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute.
Ben Tingey

Ben Tingey

Benjamin Tingey is an Innovation Manager with the Atrium Health Innovation Engine. In this role he champions the voice of the patient, designing care experiences and business models that nail their Job to Be Done, and curates the voices of the Innovation Engine and other innovation thought leaders by hosting the "A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation" podcast. Benjamin learned to speak Spanish fluently as a 19-year old serving the Hispanic immigrant community in South Carolina. Before joining the Innovation Engine, his prior career experience included Spanish language instruction, social entrepreneurship, healthcare startups, and hospital system corporate strategy. Benjamin’s love of American history and literature influenced his preference for schools named after famous Americans, receiving his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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