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A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation

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E73: Leaps of Faith and Logic – Josh Shabtai of Lowe’s Innovation Labs

Learn about the Lowe's Innovation Labs from Josh Shabtai, Senior Director of Ecosystem, and how they use narrative-driven principles to imagine, explore, test. and create the future for Lowe's customers through emerging and exponential technologies. In this episode, we hear from Josh about: his background in advertising and video games, including his love for Star Wars how he ended up leading one of three Innovation Labs a new program, Lowe's for Pros JobSight, which allows plumbers, electricians and other home professionals to consult virtually with customers how his team develops narratives with supporting prototype materials to help senior leaders envision the future @joshshabtai @LowesLabs @Lowes @LowesMedia @TheBenReport @SherpaPod @WillBehrmann - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
July 22, 2020

E72: Spreadsheets Don’t Build Empathy – Steve Koch of Cast & Hue

Ben and Jay welcome Steve Koch, co-founder and Senior Vice President at customer experience consultancy Cast & Hue.  Steve talks about his career transition from marketing and advertising to human-centered design, and the critical connection of...
July 1, 2020

E71: Designing for Behavior Change with Amy Bucher, PhD

This episode’s guest is Amy Bucher, PhD, Vice President of Behavior Change Design at Mad*Pow, a strategic design consultancy working with industry leaders to create social impact. Amy is an expert in motivational design, behavior change, health, and happiness, and how technology can support them. She previously worked at CVS Health and Johnson & Johnson, and recently released an exceptional book published by Rosenfeld Media entitled Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change, which is the subject of our conversation. We touch on, among many others: The self-determination theory of motivation and how designers and innovators can apply it to their work Motivational interviewing techniques that health providers can use to encourage behavior change How to incorporate behavior change principles in UX ad service design work How the COM-B model can supplement JTBD analysis Use this 20% off Promo code through July 17, 2020: sherpapod0620 Order Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change here: Read more about Amy's research on her blog: We reference the Behaviour Change Wheel @amybphd @madpow @rosenfeldmedia @sherpapod @thebenreport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
June 17, 2020

E70: ILN – A Springboard to Move Innovation Forward

How might we move innovation forward in the Covid-19 era and beyond? If you're an innovator in healthcare, you need to connect with the Innovation Learning Network. This episode features members of the ILN Core Team: Christi Zuber - Executive Director, Cynthia Bazan - Events & Operations, and Tim Rawson - Growth & Insights. In the words of Zayna Khayat, PhD, "the ILN helps turbo-charge our innovation work." This fun-filled conversation features topics like: The purpose and impact of the Innovation Learning Network (think "curbside consults") How a member organization like ILN has adapted in the Covid-19 era How Covid-19 has acted as an accelerant to innovation Tips for virtual meetings The future vision of the Innovation Learning Network @ILNmuse @czuber @cynbazwash @noswar Aspen Labs @hopelab @SherpaPod @TheBenReport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
June 5, 2020

E69: Bermon Painter & the Job to Be Done of the EY wavespace™

Catch the wave! Bermon Painter is the EY Innovation and Strategy Director at the Charlotte EY wavespace™. He has spent the past 20 years with a focus on product strategy, customer experience, user experience design, and enterprise application development across numerous industries. He frequently speaks at conferences and facilitates workshops around the world on digital transformation, product strategy, and leadership. Bermon is also the president of IxDA Charlotte, a non-profit aimed at evangelizing human-centered design methods and connecting the broader UX community. In this episode, Bermon shares his thoughts on the Job to Be Done of workshops, effective facilitation tips, how the EY wavespace™ is helping to foster an innovation community in Charlotte, and his roots in graphic design. @bermonpainter @ey_us @EYnews @ixdacharlotte @SherpaPod @TheBenReport - A Sherpa's Guide to Innovation podcast is a proud member of the Health Podcast Network @HealthPodNet -
May 21, 2020

E68: Design at a Distance

Sherpa Host Ben Tingey talks with two Sherpa's Guide to Innovation podcast vets and innovation pros,  David Phillips of Faster Glass and Eric Gorman of Wily LLC, about the rapid pivot to innovating virtually during COVID-19.  Hear about what's worked...
May 6, 2020

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Are you looking to better understand and apply innovation theories, methods and tools? Do you need to think about your business or industry in a different way? Join the Sherpas as they conduct spirited conversations and tell compelling stories to guide you along your innovation expedition.Get your gear ready!Business Model Innovation, Human-Centered Design and Strategic Partnerships
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Jay Gerhart

Jay Gerhart

A passionate driver of consumer strategy and innovation for Atrium Health. As part of the Innovation Engine, he employs methods such Design Thinking, Jobs to Be Done and Business Model Innovation in product and service development. Recently trained at Second City Chicago and Charlotte Comedy Theatre in improvisation, he brings “Yes, And” and a next level of teamwork to transformational projects. During his 20 years with Atrium Health, he has led many of the system’s most significant corporate strategy, planning and development initiatives, including Levine Children’s Hospital and Levine Cancer Institute.
Ben Tingey

Ben Tingey

Benjamin Tingey is an Innovation Manager with the Atrium Health Innovation Engine. In this role he champions the voice of the patient, designing care experiences and business models that nail their Job to Be Done, and curates the voices of the Innovation Engine and other innovation thought leaders by hosting the "A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation" podcast. Benjamin learned to speak Spanish fluently as a 19-year old serving the Hispanic immigrant community in South Carolina. Before joining the Innovation Engine, his prior career experience included Spanish language instruction, social entrepreneurship, healthcare startups, and hospital system corporate strategy. Benjamin’s love of American history and literature influenced his preference for schools named after famous Americans, receiving his undergraduate degree in American Studies from Brigham Young University and a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from George Washington University.

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